What would Draig say about me, the author?

Draig says, “He put words in my mouth, but they were pretty good words.”


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There Be Dragons!

Watching the Rose Parade….and there he is…a magnificent dragon.  And he’s even holding a fiery orb in his right hand, just like Draig learns to do in my book, He Walks with Dragons…Happy New Year!

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Where Do I Get My Ideas

Well, for my dragon series, it started with a poem. The poem gave me the end of the first book in the series. I then had to go back and come up with a beginning, and then finally fill in between the beginning and the end…

With my sci-fi short stories I’m working on, I just get basic ideas that sound like they’d make a good story and I expand them out to short story link.

I also have ideas eventually in the works where I draw from life experience, which will include a book on gambling. I consider myself an expert on that, because I was a professional gambler at times in my life. I never got rich, but I made more gambling than if I had a 9-5 job at those times.

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How do I write?

I tend to be a planner. I start with an outline of where it starts and ends. While I tend to follow the outline, I can go off on tangents here and there. But my outline isn’t just an outline. While I plan my outline to be 8-10 pages, I get idea along the way that I write in, and so my outline can turn out to be 60-80 pages.

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A Dragon Poem

This is one of my dragon poems that influenced my book, He Walks with Dragons:

Touched by a Dragon

In the waning hours of darkness just before the dawn,
I stood upon the grassy glen just above the town.
I heard a noise behind me, a rustling in the trees,
A sound i’d not heard before, echoes from beyond.
I slowly approach the shadows, half afraid what I might find,
A dragon stood before me, I nearly lost my mind.
He sat and spoke so softly, was like music to my ears,
Telling tales of ancient times, promises of yet to come.
With a kind and gentle smile, his eyes affixed to mine,
He gently leaned in toward me, his hand upon my chest.
A fire grew within me, I thought that I would melt.
He spoke in some mystic tongue, which i had never heard.
I felt his words within me, swirling like a mist,
So sharp and clear they sounded, I thought they were my own.
“Wherest you go, my brother, i shall be there too;
For I am part of you, as you are part of me”.

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Busy Schedual

What am I up to? I’ve got a few things on the calendar:

July 22, 2015 – Baldwin Park Historical Society Fundraiser.

August 15, 2015 – Mystic Dragon’s Festival of Books

November 14(?), 2015 – Nuke the Fridge 2015

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Keeping the momentum going!

Well, that’s 8 of 14 rough draft chapters of my World of Warcraft fanfiction.  hope they’re going to like it.  I’d hate to think I’m doing all this work for them to dislike it….

The hardest part is the playing of characters so what they do is realistic.  Sure glad I’m down to only 5 more characters…hehe

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