Elyse Invited me to a blog hop

I was asked if I’d like to join a blog hop by Elyse Bruce.  This is a chance to introduce other authors to our own readers.  First, here is a bit about Elyse Bruce:


Elyse Bruce’s career in the arts industry is well-documented and extensive, and there’s no question that she is a woman of many talents and abilities. Elyse has 12 books to her name, with 3 of those books being part of the “Missy Barrett Adventure” series for young readers. She also has a collection of short stories titled, “A Summer Of Somebodies: Cautionary Tales For Modern Times” and this Fall, she will publish more cautionary tales for modern times with another short story collection titled, “Fireflies and Front Porches.”  The second book in the “Idiomation” series is also slated for release later this year.

As a professional musician, her music continues to receive regular airplay on mainstream and internet radio. In 2005, she released her instrumental CD “Quietudes” and followed it up with her second instrumental CD “Dreamtime” in 2010. In 2007, she released “Countdown To Midnight” with 12 original songs, 3 of which were co-written with Thomas D. Taylor.

It’s an impressive resume to say the least, but even more so when you realize that she has accomplished all this while raising a son with multiple serious health conditions including autism, Myasthenia Gravis (a rare, incurable, life-threatening neuromuscular disease that strikes 2 in 1 million minors), a bilateral congenital kidney defect, and an assortment of less-serious-than-those-already-mentioned diagnosed health issues…and all that as a single parent!

When eyes isn’t busy being creative, she can be found in her kitchen baking her infamous ultimate chocolate chip cookies.




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Let’s keep this blog hop rolling.  Good Karma begets good karma.


Now, for answering my four questions:

1. What am I working on:

I’m working on book 3 of my dragon series.  I’m also working on a World of Warcraft fan fiction that I call “The Eye of the Oracle”.  What’s the eye of the Oracle you say?  You’ll have to wait until it’s finished to find out. <big grin>

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre:

In the case of my dragon series, my dragons are not on some distant fantasy world like Middle Earth.  My dragons are on our world in the distant past.  My perspective is that since nearly every civilization to ever exist had legends of dragon; therefore, there must have been dragons at one time.  This makes things a bit more difficult because I have to deal, atleast to some degree, with this pesky thing called HISTORY.  Having history intertwined with the story is both challenging as well as a learning experience.

3. Why do I write what I write:

In the case of my non-fictions, I write to create a discussion.  Sometimes to inform, whether the reader wants to be informed or not.  in the case of my other genres, like my fantasy series, I write to entertain.  I think most readers who read fiction of any genre are reading to be entertained.  If I can toss in a bit of history, so much the better.

4. How does my writing process work:

If I sit in front of the computer, and stare at the screen, I’ll still be staring at the screen three hours from now.  So, I play the computer game World of Warcraft, while my novel, short story, whatever my current project, sits at the back of my mind.  As I play the game, my project is turning around in my mind.  Suddenly, an idea will come to me.  I’ll minimize the game, write the few sentences, paragraphs, or even a few pages and then return to the game.  I usually find that while I was gone, some mob wandered by and killed me and I have to go in search of my body…I know it seems strange, but it works for me!


Now, this is where I’m supposed to put the three authors that are supposed to carry on this blog hop, but I was unable to get anyone in time.  So, this post will grow as I find the three authors who want to be added.


About stanleythorntonbooks

The Beatles, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the first man to step foot on the moon. I watched solemnly as John F. Kennedy's funeral was aired live on television, November 25, 1963. I watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, Feb. 9, 1964. I sat on the floor in front of the TV and watched Neil Armstrong take that first step on the moon, July 20, 1969. I didn't just read about them, I lived them. In the summer of 1966, my neighbor, Ricky Brady, who lived behind me and I were watching Batman the TV series one day. Before the show ended I had come up with such a wonderful idea. His parents had a large closed in patio in the backyard. We moved his record player to the patio and played records. We charged admission and sold kool-aid for a nickle a glass. So, I can honestly say we invented the disco. I guess my writing career began around about 2nd grade. The teacher gave each of us a picture and we had to write a story about the picture. My picture was of a dog that looked like the Our Gang dog, white with a patch of black over one eye. I wrote a whole page about how the dog got his black eye. At the age of 12, I began writing poetry; however, most of those poems did not survive the years. I also wrote my first play about this time, but I must admit that as I got older and realized how bad it really was, I am glad it is lost forever. Also, about this time, I owned an old LP by The Ventures. Since they were an instrumental band, there were no words to their songs. I liked one song they played, When She Walked in the Room, so I wrote my own lyrics, not realizing there were already lyrics. Since then, I have found that I enjoyed writing lyrics as much as poetry; however, since I don't play a musical instrument, I've never gotten produced complete songs. I released my first book, Christianity: Myths and Legends (non-fiction) in November 2010. I released my first fantasy novel, He Walks with Dragons (first in a series) in April 2013. The second book in the He Walks with Dragons series should be released in the first few months of 2014. As I have a number of other projects in different phases of completion, I should be adding other books to this list in the new future.
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