Just An Observation

This rant isn’t about one of my books, but it might make for a great book idea:

This is why I wonder about the intelligence of some people…The local news was showing this lot in Glendora where the flooding rain water was pushing debris onto…and guess what?  Yes, that’s the exact place they are planning to build new homes…they actually already started.  It’s like the people who stand at the bottom of a clif and look up and think “That’s a great place to build a home!” as they stand near a pile of large boulders…where do they think those boulders came from?  Do they think someone just brought those boulders there and dumped them?  NO, they used to be at the top of the cliff, and now they’re at the bottom of the cliff and those people act surprised when it’s their house falling off the cliff and ending up piled on top of the boulders at the bottom of the cliff….same with people who live in the flood zone of rivers.  I mean there’s these oh-so-obvious water marks on the trees which tells you during flooding, this is where the river comes to…and they build a house inside that mark and wow, they’re so surprised when the river rises and floats their house down the river…I could on as there are numerous examples that I’m sure anyone reading this will think of on their own…and what’s even funnier…these same people think it’s our duty to pay to help them rebuild in these exact places over and over.

Now things like tornadoes are a bit different as, yes, there is tornado alley, which is where most tornadoes hit, it’s not like..”Tornadoes ALWAYS run 1 miles west of this particular highway”.  They are totally unpredictable as they can hit a house, skip the next house and destroy the next 3 houses after that…you just don’t know…HOWEVER, if your town has been totally destroyed 10 times in the last 100 years…it’s probably not a good idea to build there again…but you know…

And that’s all my rambling…


About stanleythorntonbooks

The Beatles, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the first man to step foot on the moon. I watched solemnly as John F. Kennedy's funeral was aired live on television, November 25, 1963. I watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, Feb. 9, 1964. I sat on the floor in front of the TV and watched Neil Armstrong take that first step on the moon, July 20, 1969. I didn't just read about them, I lived them. In the summer of 1966, my neighbor, Ricky Brady, who lived behind me and I were watching Batman the TV series one day. Before the show ended I had come up with such a wonderful idea. His parents had a large closed in patio in the backyard. We moved his record player to the patio and played records. We charged admission and sold kool-aid for a nickle a glass. So, I can honestly say we invented the disco. I guess my writing career began around about 2nd grade. The teacher gave each of us a picture and we had to write a story about the picture. My picture was of a dog that looked like the Our Gang dog, white with a patch of black over one eye. I wrote a whole page about how the dog got his black eye. At the age of 12, I began writing poetry; however, most of those poems did not survive the years. I also wrote my first play about this time, but I must admit that as I got older and realized how bad it really was, I am glad it is lost forever. Also, about this time, I owned an old LP by The Ventures. Since they were an instrumental band, there were no words to their songs. I liked one song they played, When She Walked in the Room, so I wrote my own lyrics, not realizing there were already lyrics. Since then, I have found that I enjoyed writing lyrics as much as poetry; however, since I don't play a musical instrument, I've never gotten produced complete songs. I released my first book, Christianity: Myths and Legends (non-fiction) in November 2010. I released my first fantasy novel, He Walks with Dragons (first in a series) in April 2013. The second book in the He Walks with Dragons series should be released in the first few months of 2014. As I have a number of other projects in different phases of completion, I should be adding other books to this list in the new future.
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